The day-to-day success of an organization depends on the reliability of their technology, communications and information networks. Technology managers and end-users demand that their networks perform consistently and accurately. No one can afford lost productivity associated with frequent migrations and upgrades of their network systems. To ensure that a network will work properly when it’s needed most… clients should plan for their future needs.

The decision-making process is one of the most critical aspects of running a business. Decisions that business owners and employees make every day impact the success of the business and the future of the company. When it comes to technology, it is important to always get good advice before making important decisions. ITIS has experience dealing with a wide range of software applications and hardware setups, and the Computer Consultation service gives you access to that expertise. ITIS provides both one-on-one and group training sessions. These sessions are setup onsite or on ITIS Training Premises.

Assistance in determining the suitability of a wide variety of hardware and software systems for your company. With our technical expertise we can work with you to define the hardware requirements that will suit your company best and still give you room to grow.

Contact one of our offices or send us an email and we'll schedule a time to meet and discuss your technology requirements.



ITIS offers full consultation services for all of your
technology questions. With all that is available today,
it's easy to get confused when looking for the best and 
most economical solution to meet your needs. We can
help sort it all out. We'll explain all of the possible 
options available to you to get the job done and we can
also help implement the solution that best fits your 
needs. Examples of services are: 

-Purchase Consultation

-Software Installations and upgrades

-Basic Troubleshooting

-Phone Consultations

-Pre-training assessment

-Web site design, re-design, maintenance

-Domain name registration

-Domain Hosting maintenance

-Presentation Design/Development

-Professional Development planning

-Workshop planning

Simply call one of our offices or send us an email and
we'll schedule a time to meet and discuss your 
technology requirements.
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